East London Cable is an artist collective working across performance, moving image and televisual media. Currently based at Raven Row, ELC was founded by Aoibheann Greenan, Dan Marre, Eve Stainton, Florence Peake, Jos Bitelli, Sung Tieu and Wojciech Kosma in early 2018.

ELC draws from the ethos of 70s/80s public access and cable TV which foregrounded local concerns. As a community driven network, we aim to foster similar forms of engagement, while incorporating new technologies that align with contemporary media consumption. The expansion of TV into streaming services, DIY video hosting sites and social media accounts for its resilience as a medium, as well as its growing popularity. ELC leverages TV's accessibility as a means to reach diverse audiences, with original content ranging from the artistic to the social and the political.

In short, we seek to produce the kind of TV we want to see in the world.